About Amy

Just a lamb making my way in this dog-eat-dog world… experimenting with food, becoming a step-mom, selling skincare that makes us look good while doing it all!

My BFF once told me, “Sometimes you gotta fake it till you make it”… and no truer words have ever been spoken! Whether we’re trying something that is out of our expertise, out of our comfort zone, or just plain out of our scope of DESIRE… sometimes we just have to put ourselves aside, strap on our wolf gear, and run with the big dogs like we’re supposed to be there!

I am starting a lot of new chapters in my life, and I’m stepping outside of my comfort zone a LOT, so I’m constantly being a sheep in wolves clothes these days. But I’m having so much fun doing it! I always search the net for how-to advice… some has been good, some has been bad, but it all has made me realize that I want to document this journey I’m on… for myself and for all the other seekers out there. So keep an eye out for my videos and pics!



  1. You are just sooo darn inventive, ambitious, awesome, just plain down right cool Amy! Never change, my dear niece and good luck with your new venture! Love ya!! Aunt Susie


  2. Hi Amy. I would really love to buy your 1950s Vintage Baby Cardigan Sweater knitting pattern. I went to both your sites and tried to buy it but both sites require payment by Paypal. I cancelled my Paypal account a few months back and don’t use them any more. Is there another way I can buy this pattern from you?


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