Changing directions…

So I’m taking this blog in a different direction.  For the past several years, I have been researching stuff.  Lots of stuff.  I dig in there, find cool websites, cool books, videos and such… and I’m totally all about it and learning so much.  And then… Life takes back over.  I go a few weeks without being able to re-visit those topics.  I lose the link to the video… I forget the name of that book… I can’t seem to find the website again… and then all the information just falls out of my head.  So.  I can pin that stuff to Pinterest.. but my powers of pinboard organization aren’t that great, and I lose pins all the time.  Plus, a lot of times nothing is pin-able on the site.  So.  I lose the info.

Then today – PING – Light bulb moment!

When I get a topic that I start researching, I’m going to store all the links right here on this blog!  I can go back and find all the different stuff related to one topic, and I can write my own thoughts and notes about it, and other people can see it all and write their own comments.  Sounds beautiful!

Plus… maybe going on here regularly will inspire me to write and photograph more of the original stuff I started this blog for.

Possibilities = Endless!


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