I’ve been creating… now it’s time to PHOTOSHOP these bad boys!

New Woolf’s Clothing DIY kits coming soon!  But first… I gotta WORK IT!

Working full time, working a side business, getting ANOTHER side business up and running, trying to squeeze in a tiny bit of personal time, and figuring out what to shove in my mouth every now and then to keep me going (which, i am sorry to say, has included an overabundance of fast food lately)… how are we supposed to fit it all in??  Who’s with me on this one?!  Any superwomen out there, I would LOVE to hear your secrets… because it just isn’t all hashing out for me these days.  To say I feel like a chicken with my head cut off is an understatement!  It’s like I’m a chicken who just got off of the tilt-a-whirl and THEN got its head cut off.

I have managed to CREATE some lovely pieces of jewelry lately… but I have yet to sit down at the computer and make the DIY tutorials.  😛   They ARE coming… I PROMISE.  But for now… a little teaser…

This is my Bronze Birdie with her Autumn Gems Necklace.   I just love the way it hangs and moves when you move.  A little bit romantic, a little bit Bohemian… it is an extra long length, so it hangs just below your bra line… it gives it a little extra dangle-and-swing.

And this sweet little piece is My Little Love Bird Bracelet.  Simple and silver, and great for layering!  I am really diggin’ on the two different materials for the “chain” of this little guy… very unique and unexpected.
So there’s a sneak peek… now wish me luck with getting these tutorials done!!

oh yeah… another distraction… I’m going to spend this evening painting a logo on the wall of my little bro’s brand new CROSSFIT GYM!!  😀  It’s called CrossFit Vital… so all you Tulsa types, check him out!  He will whip you right into shape and you’ll have fun doing it!


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