Bronzed and Blued Braided Wrap Bracelet – DIY Tutorial and Kit!

OK Folks!  Here it is… my first DIY Tutorial and Kit!!

Introducing the Bronzed and Blued Braided Wrap Bracelet…. Drumroll, please…

**Insert Cheers, Ooooohs and Aaaaaaahs here***

Don’t you just love the casual chic look of this wrap bracelet?
Bronze beads coordinate perfectly with sky blue cotton cording. This will give you that perfect pop of color when worn with a breezy white blouse. It will totally style up a plain t-shirt and layers perfectly with several other bracelets for that “I’ve traveled the world and gathered these along the way” look. I just love that look! So fresh and happening!

So.  Now that you are in LOVE with the bracelet – let’s get down to MAKING it!

Are you ready??  Are you?  Ok… readyyyyyy, BREAK!

Here’s what you’ll be using  (pssssst… you can purchase the Kit HERE)

***2015 UPDATE*** I’m no longer selling the kit… but… these directions are still awesome for making one with your favorite beads and cords  😉

15 Bronze Beads
10 feet Blue Waxed Cotton Cording (cut into 3 pieces)
1 Pewter Button

You will be wrapping this bracelet around your wrist 3 times, so wrap a string around your wrist until you like the fit, and measure how long your bracelet should be.  A good average is 21.”

Start off by tying the ends of the cords together.  String the button onto one of the strings and kinda pull that string out a little… you want to make a little wiggle-room loop for the button.   Now tie another knot to secure the button.

Next…. the real action begins…

Start braiding!  Braids are all the rage these days… aren’t they!  I love a little side braid a-la-Katniss Everdeen.  Anyways.  Back to the bracelet!  It’s best to secure the end in a clip board or with a piece of tape on a board… you don’t want it flopping around while you’re braiding.

Braid for about an inch and string one of the bronze beads onto the cord you are about to braid next.  Push it right up to the braided section and snug the bead in place with the next-door cord, then lock it into place with the next 2 fold-overs… you will TOTALLY get it when it’s in your hands.

Keep braiding for another 1 1/2 inches.  Time for another Bead!  Make sure you place this bead on the opposite side of the braid from the first bead.  Do the same little lock-in-place trick with this one.

You’ve got the idea, now keep on trucking braiding!  Remember to alternate bead placement.  Continue until you are about 1/2″ from your finished length.

And then….

Tie all strings into a knot.  A good tip is to tie the knot just a tiny bit into the braid, so it stays tight.  Cut off ONE of the cords. (just one!)  Tie the remaining cords into a knot – leaving about a 1/2″ loop (big enough for the button to go through) and cut the ends.

TA-DAAAAAAA!  You just made yourself one heck of a cool bracelet!!  Give your self a pat on the back.

Again – you can purchase the kit at my Etsy Shop,

Check back soon for the next tutorial and kit – Birds on a Wire – Hemp Wrap Bracelet


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