Let’s Get it Started in Here!

Website set up – CHECK!

Facebook page set up – CHECK!

Etsy Shop set up – CHECK! – ok… well.. it was already set up, but now it’s *New and Improved*  Ok, not totally NEW yet… but it IS improved.  With my new logo… well… it will be as soon as I finish this post and update it… soooooo….



It’s all happening!  I’m getting some jewelry made and ready for their close-ups.  Then comes the ginormous task of putting my newly-aquired Photoshop skill to the test and creating these DIY Kit BOOKLETS that I have in my mind.  They are going to be oooooh so fabulous!  It will be a step-by-step how-to that folds up and fits into a cute little envelope pocket thingy!!  (Sounds like somebody got herself a fancy new Cricut machine, eh?)

OK – so I’m going to be a total tease and show you the raw and hastily taken “exclusive” photos of the first two pieces I will be featuring in my DIY kits!  Are you as excited as me? (Just say yes… I need the validation at this point)


I’m calling this the Bronzed and Blued Braided Wrap Bracelet.  Totally amazing for that pop of color against a neutral colored blouse or t-shirt.

Second KIY Kit in the chute is…. drum roll please….


This baby is called Beads on a Wire Hemp Wrap Bracelet.  It is so simple and classic – I love it!

Please, people, don’t judge my iPhone shot… it will hurt the bracelet’s feelings.

So now I’m off to work on taking the final process/product shots, then make up the booklet and list them on Etsy!

and…. we’re off!

ps.  I am planning on getting a shopping cart hooked up to this blog in the near future.  so.  Until then – Etsy it up and be sure to Like me on Facebook! (purty please…with sprinkles and everything)


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