DIY Kits for ALL!

Don’t you just love Pinterest and all the amazing DIY projects you can find on there?!  I adore it.  I can spend hours digging through pages and pages of cool stuff.  So I pin and I pin and I PIN… all these amazing things that I would like to do.  And that’s just about all I do with it.  It sits there on my virtual to-do list… destined never to be done.

Isn’t that all you do with it??

I mean, you love that Anthro-inspired bracelet, and you KNOW you could make one that looks just like it.  But who has time to print it off, make a list, then schlep yourself all over town to all those different craft/hardware/discount/whatever stores…it’s exhausting!

Or worse yet… go to all those store… and THEN… you have to go a-searching online because all those stores didn’t have what you wanted.

Or EVEN WORSE…. you live somewhere far far away from a good craft store, *sniff* and all you can ever do is dream about that cool DIY project, or buy from several different online stores paying all those shipping charges.  And no matter what, you are going to have to buy way more stuff than you’ll need for this project.

And then…. once you finally have all of your materials amassed, and you’ve printed your directions, and you finally sit down and do your project.  And then it happens.  You realize that you’ve spent like, 5 times MORE money on gas, shipping, extra materials, frustration and energy on this one little project than it would’ve taken if you would’ve just bought the dang thing from the store!  What’s a crafty, artsy, spunky girl to do?

Well, have no fear!  I am here to help you out with this little dilemma.  I make DIY kits for all those awesome little jewelry and accessory projects you see everybody wearing, or you see everybody pinning, and you would love to make one too, but you just really really REALLY don’t want to go through the time and expense to amass the materials to make it. **insert sigh of relief here**

Just pop over to my Etsy shop to get the kit.  Each one comes with its own little instruction manual, so you can follow along with me, and it is packaged in a cute little box that would be perfect for gifting with your finished piece… or keeping it for yourself  🙂


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